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Water Based Topcoat Paints
Merbolin silikonlu ipek mat iç cephe boyası
Merbolin Silicon Modified Mat Inerior Paint
Merbolin avantaj silicone modified interior paint
Merbosoft water based satin paint
Merbosoft advantage water based satin paint
Merbolin Ceiling paint
Merbolin advantage ceiling paint
Merbolin grenit püskürtme boya
Merbotherm iç cephe ısı yalıtım boyası
Merbotherm tavan ısı yalıtım boyası
Merbolin water based tennis court paint
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Exterior Primers
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Solvent Based Primers
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Mode of Packing

: 2.5 l., 7.5 l. and 15 l.  


: It is an acrylic copolymer resin based, silky matt interior paint, which is silicone modified.


: According to colour card.

Uses of...

: It can be safely used on interior surface of gypsum, plaster, concrete for decorative and protection purposeful.


: It is a silicone modified, water based, silky matt interior paint, which has high opacity, wipeable, odourless and environment friendly. Its antibacterial characteristics prevents formation of mould and fungus.  

Technical Features

: :

Application 1

: All application surfaces must be sound, dry and clean

a ) Old painted surface : Old and blistered coats should be cleaned by scratching. Surface of painted with water based paint should be puttied with Merbolin Interior Puty to take sound and smooth surface. The surface of painted with synthetic paint should be sandpapered with large motive sandpaper and cleaned. After than surface is primered with Merbolin Convertor Primer. 12 hours after the primer application, the surface is puttied with Merbolin Interior Putty to take sound and smooth surface.

b ) New Surface : The surface defaults are removed by scraper and puttied with Merbolin Interior Putty. After putty application; the surface is sandpapered and primed with Merboizolan Insulation Primer as one coat.

Application 2

: 2 – 3 hours after primer application, Merbolin Silicone Modified Silkymatt Interior Paint which is applied with brush or roller, is thinned with 10 % water. It should be applied as two coats, allowing 4-5 hours between the coats.

Storage Conditions

: It should be storaged in original and closed containers at 5-35 °C temperatures for two years. It should be protected from extreme heat, moisture and frost.

Önemli Uyarılar

: Paint must be mixed before the use.

The ambient temperature should be between 5 – 35 ° C at the time of application.

Application tools must be cleaned with water, after the application.

After the application, the painted surface must be protected during

3 days, from chemical and physical factors.

Paint doesn’t empty into drains.

Application procedures defined above should be strictly observed.

Danger Warning

: R 22 : Harmful if swallowed.

Emergency Warning

: S 2 : Keep out of the reach of children.
S 3 / 7 : Keep container tightly closed in a cool place.
S 24 / 25 : Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
S 29 : Do not empty into drains.
S 46 : If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show container or label.