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Product Range


Although the products are categorized under two basic groups, solvent-based bright top coat paints for buildings are manufactured according to the Turkish standard TS 39, while interior and exterior surface paints are manufactured according to TS 5808.

Our product range covers the groups described below:

1. Industrial and heavy industry paints

Air or furnace dried acrylic paints, urea-melamine based furnace dried paints, epoxy paints, chloride rubber paints, heat-resistant silicon paints, polyurethane paints, rapid paints, thinners, wash primer paints, cellulosic paints 

2. Building paints Synthetic paints, anti-rust applications, primers, putties, wood preservatives, varnishes, plastic paints, thinners, glues, solvent-based and water-based exterior paints. Industrial group of paints are sold and shipped directly from the factory to customers; building paints are sold at retail level through our dealers.
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