Our Quality Policy

The targets of our quality policy are described below:

  • MANAGEMENT is open to communications and sharing; employees are given opportunities to improve, motivated and ensured to trust.
  • PERSONNEL are encouraged to take responsibility, to act honest, to improve themselves, to share their knowledge with each other, to work in an efficient way, and to be aware of the benefits they would provide to both the company and the customers.

    - Quality Management System is continuously improved in accordance with current circumstances.

    - MARKET SHARE is increased by monitoring the trends of the paint sector, expanding the product range and the customer portfolio.
  • TRADEMARKS are ensured to be sought-after by manufacturing the products in accordance with the applicable standards and at high quality levels.
  • CORPORATE IDENTITY is ensured to satisfy the requirements and expectations of the customers at all times.

  • General Manager
    Kenan BAYTA┼×